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16th Birthday Sayings

Share our 16th birthday sayings with the teenager in your life who is celebrating this special day. Turning sixteen can be a day long to be remembered. Help celebrate by using these inspirational words.
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Happy Birthday Sweet 16!

Sixteen a milestone,
your life is just beginning.

As you turn 16,
our wish for you is all the great things in life has to offer.

At 16, set your goals, turn your dreams into reality,
you have you whole life ahead of you.

As you turn 16, this A special day.....
a day that will bring you all you wish for.
Happy Birthday!

You are sixteen today, hard to believe!
May the next 16 years bring you everything you are hoping for.

No matter how old you are
we will love you always.

Celebrate yesterday years,
Look forward to tomorrow years,
But at sixteen enjoy this year!

No matter what your age, remember
"the most important things in life, aren't things".

At 16 the world is yours to have.
You can do, you can be,
anything you put your mind to.

My wish for you at 16:
confidence for when you doubt
rainbows to follow the clouds.
laughter to kiss your lips,
and, smiles if sadness intrudes.

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